Pure Matcha Green TEA Frappe Latte Smoothie Powder 250g (8.8oz)

Matcha Powdered Green Tea Tradition green tea powder is made by fresh green tea, ground under low temperature. The tea powder is rich in green tea polyphenois, catechins, chlorophyll, vitamins: C, E, B1, B2, carotene & proteins. Excellent quality and suitable to drink regularly. Matcha is a green tea powder made from the leaves of tea trees grown in the shade and then lightly steamed to prevent fermentation and loss of antioxidants. High-grade matcha is made in limited amounts , harvested only once a year in the Spring. The benefits of match green tea powder make it a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional green tea. However, our company just recently realized that there is an amazing difference in the quality of green tea. If you carefully look at most matcha green teas, they are not green, they are brown. After some research, we found that the best green tea is really bright green tea. If it isnˇt bright green, you are receiving inferior oxidized green tea which will not provide the full range of benefits youˇve heard about. All Green Teas Are Not Created Equal Matcha, a powdered green tea, comes from the same plant as black teas, but remains unfermented. It is then ground into a fine green powder so that you receive benefits from the entire tea leaf. Ever Wonder Why the Japanese Enjoy Such a Long Life Expectancy? Interestingly enough, after water, green tea happens to be the most widely consumed beverage on earth. For centuries, Matcha green tea has been kept a guarded secret. Why? The Japanese desired to keep their tea ceremony very exclusive and closed to the outside world. Plus, the people of Japan wanted to keep this scarce form of green tea with its numerous health-promoting benefits strictly to themselves. With the powerful health-supporting benefits of green tea, and even more so with Matcha, I believe that 127 million Japanese have the right idea. Wouldnˇt you agree?


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