Creating Harmony Face Cream Sampler

Sample sizes (.125oz each) of three Creating Harmony LLC face creams including:
Blue Chamomile Argan Cream is the recommended cream for dry or mature skin. For use night or day. This cream goes on smoothly and leaves the skin moisturized with a soft dewey feeling. Made with Moroccan Argan Oil which is said to have restorative and age-defying effects. It is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and is believed to help achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin. Shea butter is good for moisturizing, protecting and healing the skin, especially dry and damaged skin.
Honey Jasmine Face Cream is suitable for all skin types. A blend of New Zealand Manuka honey and nourishing emollients soothes and nourishes. What keeps skin soft and supple is its ability to stay hydrated. Skin is exposed to environmental stresses and loses its capacity to maintain water. It becomes dehydrated and wrinkles can form. Honey is a soothing humectant drawing moisture to the skin. It leaves skin feeling slightly firmer, reduces the appearance of large pores and makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable giving skin a fresh, smooth feeling.
Green Tea Face Cream was formulated for sensitive skin. It contains Matcha Green Tea as the entire water portion of the formula making it rich in the antioxidants needed to keep your skin looking radiant and caffeine to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of redness, fine lines and wrinkles. Camellia Oil is also from the same plant as green tea and penetrates quickly. It is highly moisturizing and rich in essential fatty acids and polyphenols, both necessary for supple, glowing skin.

Creating Harmony LLC was awarded “Champion Status” by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and these products have been rated for safety by the Environmental Working Group.


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