DOCTOR KING Finest Ceremonial Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea 1.06 Oz (Premium, Top Grade (Grade A), First Harvest Matcha, SUPERPOWERED GREEN TEA)

Recommended by Doctors: Green Tea (e.g. made from tea bags) is one of the favourites of many doctors, nutritionists, health experts and those wanting an easy weight loss aid. DOCTOR KINGTM Ceremonial Organic Japanese Matcha is the KING OF GREEN TEAS, because it has a phenomenal 137 times more antioxidant nutrients and more L-theanine than the average green tea bag! Antioxidant nutrients are extremely important in protecting your health, because they are a great help in protecting the cells in your body from damaging free radicals, which are a cause of many major diseases. In addition, DOCTOR KINGTM Matcha tastes better than ordinary green tea, making it the perfect choice for health-conscious people! There are numerous health benefits of DOCTOR KINGTM Matcha such as: 1. It has been described as "the BEST SUPERFOOD and SUPPLEMENT to help prevent many major diseases". 2. It is an excellent SLIMMING PRODUCT (as part of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle). It boosts your fat catabolism (fat breakdown) by up to 40 percent, with weight loss being a common (and very welcome) advantage of drinking matcha on a daily basis (as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle). 3. It is ANTI-AGEING and helps improve the appearance of your hair and skin. Not only that, 4. it is a FOCUS-booster, 5. an ENERGY-booster, 6. a MOOD-booster, 7. and has ANXIOLYTIC qualities, Letting you feel more at Ease. Matcha is rapidly becoming one of the World's Top Health Secrets. GRADE: Our product contains Grade A Ceremonial Matcha; some companies sell inferior, cheaper Grade B Ceremonial Matcha. Grade A Ceremonial Matcha was traditionally served to Royalty and Emperors in Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It is served in the best cafes and restaurants in Japan. This grade of matcha is made from the youngest leaves of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, picked in the FIRST harvesting period. Our Ceremonial Matcha has a vibrant bright green colour.

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