Matcha Mama: Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder (30 gram Matcha Tin, Tea Tin only)

When it comes to delivering serious antioxidants to your body, Matcha is a one woman show: one cup of matcha is equal to up to 10 cups of steeped green tea for antioxidants and nutritional value. A unique tea with a fascinating history, Matcha allows for the consumption of the entire tea leaf, which provides natural energy, supports the body and delivers greater antioxidant levels than anything else on the market: even when compared to berries, fruits and vegetables. This full bodied tea is also high in amino acids and has a mild, natural sweetness. Matcha has an earthy, distinctly green flavor that captures you on many levels (the ancient ritual, the health benefits, the frothiness, etc…) and holds a new experience even for serious tea drinkers. The tea leaves for Matcha Mama mature slowly in shaded tree plantations in Nishio, the heart of Aichi-prefecture in Japan (plants compensate for their lack of sunlight by producing intense amounts of chlorophyll, resulting in more nutrient rich leaves). Here, fresh leaves are hand-picked, dried and ground by low friction granite stone mills into an ultrafine, jade green powder. As with all green teas, no fermentation occurs. It is typical to grade green tea in Japan based on the quality of the leaf; Matcha Mama is a ceremonial grade, indicating a grade high enough for formal Japanese tea ceremonies and perfect for daily consumption. Matcha Mama is an all natural, powdered green tea with no other ingredients added. One tin contains 30 grams, approximately 15-20. Serving size (varies to taste): approx. 1/2 tsp. Suggested Use: Drink one cup daily in the morning or afternoon. Like all green tea, Matcha does contain low levels of caffeine and is a stimulant, so we do not recommend it as an evening tea. Purchase the tea alone or with bamboo whisk and spoon.


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