Matcha Green Tea Powder – 0.6 Lb

Matcha is perhaps the most popular green tea on the market today. The first thing you will notice upon opening the packet is that Matcha is a finely powdered green tea and looks like an emerald colored flour. This characteristic truly sets it apart from other teas. When brewed, the powdered leaf is not strained or left in the pot, but is whisked into a frothy concoction and consumed. Because the leaves themselves are imbibed, brewed Matcha contains higher concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants than most other teas, green, herbal, or otherwise. According to researches done in Japan, brewed Matcha contains nearly 10 times the polyphenols and antioxidants of regular teas, 2 times the antioxidants of a glass of red wine, approximately 9 times the beta-carotene of spinach, and 4 times that of carrots. Brewing Ceremonial Matcha: 1). Prepare tea bowls by warming them with boiled water. 2). Prepare your Matcha whisk by soaking the tip in the boiled water in one of the bowls for about 10 seconds. 3). Pour the water out and dry the bowl with a paper towel. 4). Using your tea spoon, add 2 scoops of Matcha to each bowl. 5). Pour 1/3 of a cup of your hot water into each bowl. 6). In a slow "m' motion, submerge any loose bits of Matcha that may be floating on the surface of the tea. 7). Whisk the tea more briskly in a back and forth motion until the surface of the Matcha becomes frothy. 8). Consume immediately. Brewing Cold Matcha: 1g Matcha, 8 oz cold water, lemon, and sugar to taste. 1). Add 1g of Matcha to a little water and mix until you have a nice paste. 2). Add your paste to the rest of your glass of water and stir well. 3). Squeeze a lemon into to the mixture and add sugar to taste. 4). Add ice. Enjoy. Iced Matcha latte: 4g Matcha, 2 tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp hot water, 10 oz milk, ice. 1). Blend dry Matcha and sugar in a glass. 2). Pour in the hot water and whisk into a paste. 3). Pour cold milk over the Matcha mixture. 4). Add ice


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