Matcha Green Tea Face Cream

Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Many people are discovering the exceptional benefits of using green tea as part of their beauty regime. And Matcha is the Queen of green tea using the entire plant instead of just an infusion of the leaves. This cream contains Matcha Tea as the entire water portion of the formula making it rich in the antioxidants needed to keep your skin looking radiant and caffeine to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of redness, fine lines and wrinkles. Camellia Oil is also from the same plant as green tea and penetrates quickly. It is highly moisturizing and rich in essential fatty acids and polyphenols, both necessary for supple, glowing skin. Tamanu Oil, also known in Africa as Foraha Oil, is obtained from the dried nuts of the Tamanu tree typically found in the Pacific and in Asian Tropical regions. It is frequently used to soothe the skin and help to relieve irritation. It is hydrating and regenerating. This cream was formulated with sensitive skin in mind and has been enhanced with flower essences. The scent is soft and fresh from skin-loving, skin-soothing, skin-cooling essential oils and no artificial fragrance. 1.3 oz frosted glass jar with silver lid.Creating Harmony LLC was awarded 'Champion Status' by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and this product has been rated for safety by the Environmental Working Group.


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