Instant Vanilla Cream Matcha Green Tea Frappe & Latte Mix 1 Lb.

Blended with Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder, Vanilla & Cream Concentrate & Cane Sugar Sealed in USDA Foil Pouch for Freshness – All Natural Ingredients – Healthier than Starbucks – Save Money at our Bargain Price! One Pound Makes 48 Frappuccinos = About $.50 per Frappe' INSTRUCTIONS Mix One Tbls. of Matcha Frappe' Mix with 4-6 ozs. of Warm Milk (NOT BOILED) Blend 14 ozs. of ice to mixture in Blender Optional Top with whipped cream – Ad ice cream to make a delicious float. Taste Yunmmy – Can be used to make lattes & smoothies too.

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