Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade, Orgainc Japan By Tealux- 1.75oz / 50g Bag

Our highest grade of Matcha, Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1 is naturally organic, and comprises of only the sweetest, youngest and most tender tea leaves which are picked from the top of the bush during the first harvest.

Imperial Ceremonial Matcha has been grown in Nishio (a city within the Aichi prefecture) for centuries, and is renowned all over the world as a tea for the true connoisseur. A favourite among Japan's tea ceremony instructors due to its intense aroma and rich yet delicate taste, Imperial Matcha Ceremonial Grade 1 really is a tea fit for an Emperor.

A complex and aromatic tea with the highest grade of antioxidant, mineral and nutrient qualities available within the Spring and Regular Matcha tea ranges, Imperial Ceremony Matcha truly is in a class of its own with no rivals.

An incredibly distinctive tea with the perfect blend of sweet notes and depth, Imperial Ceremony Matcha is equally well suited to either thick Koicha tea or thin Usucha tea.


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