Dr.Oz Endorses Matcha Green Tea

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On the Dr.Oz show which aired January 15th, Dr. Memhet Oz spoke about the execllent health and wellness values of matcha green tea. His feature guest Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham spoke at length about matcha and how it helps your body.

Calling matcha “the sparkling wine of environment-friendly tea”, Kilham explained that it is made by grinding the young, tender tea leaves by hand in to a great powder. Matcha contains approximately 30 mg of caffeine each mug, in addition to L-theanine, an amino acid that stimulates calm and serenity. The result is an enjoyable, relaxed and sharp effect.

While Dr.Oz was excited concerning matcha having 3 times a lot more advantageous polyphenols than normal green herbal tea– boosting its capability to assist immune feature and decrease heart disease danger– he was as passionate regarding uncovering that matcha likewise works as a fat deposits blocker.

Dr.Oz described that matcha affects the capability of digestive enzymes to break down fat deposits, a step necessary for fat deposits to enter our cells. So instead of soaking up and saving the fat, it gets travelled through the physical body.

Matcha tea is made by putting a tsp of powder into a bowl, rousing in steaming water, after that whisking it for about one minute. Chris Kilham and Dr.Oz advised taking 2 mugs of matcha tea day-to-day to obtain its wellness benefits. If you do not desire to drink matcha as a herbal tea, the powder can likewise be mixed into healthy smoothies and made use of in various other dishes. Matcha, as well as the functional elements that Dr. Oz called out, featuring the L-theanine, are conveniently offered as a supplements as well.

Overall, the health benefits of matcha that Dr.Oz & Chris Kilham pointed out were:

  • Matcha has L-Theanine, an amino acid which can give your body as calm and peaceful feeling
  • Matcha aids your body to block the build up of fat
  • Matcha assists your immune system in fighting off disease and lowers the risk of heart-disease
  • Matcha helps you to relieve stress and and anxiety

Certainly, it was the suggestion of the matcha gimlet (matcha, lime, syrup and gin) that made Dr.Oz light up and smile.


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