Matcha Green Tea Powder 40 grams

This Matcha is grown in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. The Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan has been producing the finest tea for over 650 years. Shizuoka is located on Pacific Ocean in eastern Japan, Shizuoka means tranquil (shizu) hills (oka) in Japanese. It is the major tea (O-cha in Japanese) production area in Japan and is where the famous Mount Fuji (Fujisan) is. You can also make a large variety of beverages with our pure Matcha green tea powder. 40 grams(1.4 ozs.) Sealed in FDA approved foil pouch. Rich in antioxidants, Increases your metabolism – helps to loose weight, Bolsters your immune defenses, Helps protect your bones & prevents tooth decay and calorie-free without milk. You can make a Frappuccino, lattes and Smoothies with this too.


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